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Liquid Fund – a NEW FD?

FIXED DEPOSITS Usually a good way to earn fixed income passively. Will get a certain amount of interest rate when you give your money to bank for a certain period of time. Usually FD returns would be around 5-6.5% per annum. But are these can help us to beat the long term inflation which isContinue reading “Liquid Fund – a NEW FD?”

A Beginner Guide to Mutual funds

Mutual funds, so you are have heard it somewhere or someone told you to invest in that. But you have many questions regarding it. But don’t know whom to approach for clarification? Before going to know about mutual funds, have look at The art of Financial planning Come on lets clear basic doubts we haveContinue reading “A Beginner Guide to Mutual funds”


What is Asset? An Asset can be anything of value or a resource of value which can converted into cash. In simpler words, anything which can generate income is an asset Basically assets are classified into 3 categories from very long time. They are Equity Fixed Income Cash Equivalent Equity: In common language, it isContinue reading “Assets”