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A simple way to manage your money better

Money Management is a broad concept which includes process of tracking expenses, investing, budgeting, banking, and assessing tax liabilities. Money management is basically became trend as lot of people like us don’t understand where there hard earned money is going into. we spend money in small chunks into lot of things.

Manage your Money in a simple way

It is a natural human tendency to spend money to fulfill the cravings no matter whether or not they are often justifiably included during a budget. The idea of cash management techniques was developed to scale back the quantity that individuals, firms, and institutions spend on items that don’t add any significant value to their standard of living, long-term portfolios, and assets.

People like us have access to a variety of resources and applications in the market like zerodha kite, clear-tax, policybazar ..etc, which helps them to manage almost every aspect of their personal finances individually.

When investors increase their net worth, they often frequently pursue qualified money management advice from financial advisors. Generally, financial advisors are affiliated with private banking and investment services, offering resources for holistic money management programs that would include estate planning, retirement, and more.

But now there is a single app which has integrated most of these services under a single umbrella and created money super app called “INDmoney

INDmoney is a finance app, that allows you to track all of your investments in one place. It tracks your investments like stocks, mutual funds, EPF, PPF, FD, bonds, NPS and so on, spending’s like credit-card bills.

It isn’t just a tracker, it also lets you invest in direct mutual funds, fixed deposits, insurances, and US Stocks. You can earn the rewards from INDmoney as well in form of US stocks or INDcoins which can we be used to purchase the US stocks or the crypto currency or can be redeemed into cash.

It allows you to check your “Net worth” in the app which is calculated based on your investments and the liabilities.

INDmoney uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to analyze your investments. You have to complete a questionnaire and they prepare a personalized investment plan based on your risk tolerance. You can get the personalized insights in your investments as well to save and earn more.

With INDmoney you can track all of the following in one place:

  • Stocks
  • NPS (Tier 1)
  • PPF
  • EPF
  • Mutual funds
  • Bonds
  • Fixed Deposits
  • Real Estate
  • Alternative Investment Funds
  • PMS (Portfolio Management Services)
  • Credit cards
  • Loan
  • Manage the entire investment portfolio of your family in one place.

It’s an interesting app, one among a sort for Indians. Allowing you to trace your investments, loans and assist you understand your asset allocation is such a lot important to realize financial security.

And INDmoney quite helps you by solving the most important issue – knowing where you’re making money and where you’re losing it.

They do provide the advisory services as well from the SEBI registered advisors. Using AI , INDmoney allows you to research the stocks. Both the stocks you hold in your portfolio and other stocks within the market (most of them).

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